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About BFPG

The Black Forest Percussion Group is a consortium of percussionists, formed in 2010, based in the Freiburg, Germany and Basel, Switzerland areas.

The Black Forest Percussion Group was founded to devote itself to a repertoire that includes both original works for percussion ensemble as well as arrangements from Baroque to Modern. The membership is flexible, so that by a variable number of players and large works can be brought to the stage. To this end, they have collaborated with the Baroque ensemble L’estro Armonico on a program of J.S. Bach and David Lang as well as the Holst-Sinfonietta for three performances of Steve Reich’s seminal work „Music for 18 Musicians“. In 2016, the ensemble performed Steve Reich’s „Drumming“ in addition to working with local schools on a project to interpret minimal music with Art.
Their programs address experienced listeners as well as those unfamiliar with percussion or classical music; lively and witty, their concerts are arranged with moderation of the individual works. The performances of the ensemble were described with “a great experience that echoes”, “interpreted sensitively and skilfully” and “magical evening” – they are always cause for great enthusiasm.